A Little bit of Science and a Lot of Fun!

Book cover of Fleas on a Yellow/orange background. It shows multiple cartoon flea character on a dog's back (and hanging off the title). The dog's brown nose is visible sniffing at the fleas!
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Discover the Playful World of FLEAS:

A Fun and Educational Adventure for Young Readers!

Engaging Rhyming Story: Immerse your child in a captivating rhyming narrative inspired by the original poem Siphonaptera, making learning about fleas fun and entertaining.

Educational Flea Facts: Explore fascinating flea facts and trivia, providing a unique blend of science education and entertainment for young readers.

Interactive Activities: Stimulate your child’s mind with engaging activities like mazes, finding rhyming words, mini Sudoku puzzle, offering a hands-on learning experience that enhances cognitive skills.

Humorous Flea Jokes: Enjoy a page filled with light-hearted flea jokes that will bring giggles to both children and parents, adding a playful element to the reading experience.

Perfect for Ages 4-7: Tailored for young readers aged 4-7, this book combines educational content with fun activities, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking both learning and enjoyment for their children.

1 review for FLEAS

  1. Mike

    My boys loved this…especially the jokes!

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