Audiobook: What’s an Og?

Audio book: Listen to Dr Claire as she narrates What's an Og? for your young reader.

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Baby Owl asks, “What’s an Og?” and the Professor takes the reader  on a tour of words that contain the sound og to meet this unusual, mythical Og beast.

Why not let your children listen to this wonderful rhyming story. The repetition of the sound ‘og’ is very effective in encouraging children to recognise and remember this phonic grouping.

When combined with either the paperback or ebook, your child will enjoy the quirky characters in fantastic colours created by Emanuel Alba. 😊

A wonderful rhyming story on it’s own, this book is also of huge value to parents and teachers alike who are helping young children grow and enjoy their reading adventure.

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  1. MalbaBooks

    Love Claire’s voice!

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