Paperback: What’s an Og? Colouring Book/Colour The Story

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It is well known that the skills required to colour are of huge benefit to young children.
* Promotes hand-eye coordination.
* Helps develop the skills needed to hold a pen or small tool.
* Gives children an opportunity to be creative.

But this is not ‘just’ a colouring book as it also has the story of Og as he emerges when Professor Owl takes Baby Owl on a journey of ‘og’ words, dog, frog, cog etc.

The first book in the “Read, Rhyme, Repeat” series, What’s an Og? will help your children with their reading and finding the fun in phonics.

SPECIAL SALE PRICE:  I have a stock of books with the older cover and want to make way for the newer version!  So currently available at a HUGE reduction for folks in the UK.

Paperback book:

  • 210 x 210 mm. – 8.25″ x 8.25″
  • High quality varnished gloss cover
  • 24 pages

ISBN: 978-1-8383863-1-3

1 review for Paperback: What’s an Og? Colouring Book/Colour The Story

  1. Alesha

    What a great idea to have the colouring book and the story in one.

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