Malba Books was born during the pandemic. Unable to continue in her work, Mary decided to return to something she loves – writing for children. Knowing her stick figure drawings wouldn’t quite cut it in 2020, she looked for an illustrator and was introduced to Emanuel.

Mary Barry talks about making reading simple and fun

Emanuel Alba is a prolific illustrator and writer as well as an accomplished actor and singer.

After his career as an actor in London’s West End was put on hold due to the pandemic, he re-discovered his passion for drawing. Through producing comic strip content on Instagram he met Mary who showed him the ways of children’s books.

He is also one half of the writing duo Alter Ego Theatrical, with which he has been shortlisted and awarded as a writer.

Mary Barry is a former college lecturer, educator and mother. Her international career teaching horse training using positive reinforcement was also a victim of the pandemic.

Whilst loss of careers is a bad thing financially, it has provided both Mary and Emanuel with that most incredible asset of time. This has allowed us to pour our passion into this project. It is very much a labour of love. What a dream it would be to allow it to become our livelihood.

Mary Barry, Writer of rhymes & Emanuel Alba, Illustrator

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