Paperback: What’s an Og?

What's an Og?
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What IS an Og?! And why do kids love him?

‘Og’ is a made up creature that helps kids when they’re learning to read.

Professor Owl takes readers on a rhyming journey, to find words that have the ‘og’ sound. Dog, jog, hog!

The first book in the “Read, Rhyme, Repeat” series, it helps your kids discover the joy and fun in reading.

An ideal book for beginner readers, who also adore the fun illustrations! It all works together to help make the og sound stick.

“What’s an Og?” will not only improve literacy and reading skills, but it’s a perfect way to ignite your child’s passion for reading.

With quirky characters in fantastic colours created by Emanuel Alba, this is a book that children, parents, and especially teachers will ADORE. 😊

SPECIAL SALE PRICE:  I have a stock of books with the older cover and want to make way for the newer version!  So currently available at a HUGE reduction for folks in the UK and US.

Paperback book

  • 210 x 210 mm. – 8.25″ x 8.25″
  • High quality varnished gloss cover
  • Durable silk finish internal pages
  • 28 pages

ISBN:    978-1-8383863-0-6

4 reviews for Paperback: What’s an Og?

  1. Jane Hutchinson

    Love this book. It’s clever use of sounds and repetition and the illustrations are fun. My 5 year old boy loves it!

  2. Sorcha

    A gorgeous read! So clever and beautiful for kids and their words. Hope there’s more!

  3. TrishO’Driscoll

    Oh this is a perfect, phonics book for pre-readers and young readers alike! The sounds are catchy and fun. The pictures are bright and colourful. Looking forward to the whole series! Great gifts for little ones.

  4. Stephanie

    My 4 year old loved this!! She and I ended up laughing at the Og as the full picture of it grew. What was wonderful is that she easily recognises the highlighted words and shouts them out before I get to them! 😁😁😁

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