five children with books. Boys and girls of mixed ethnicity. Says" Read, Rhyme, Repeat and Reading confidence through rhyme

Why buy our books?

Small girl reads "What's an Og?" book

For young readers who lack confidence in their reading skills.

Rhyming, repitition and FUN work together to make the simple phonic sound used in each book 'sticky' in a child's mind.

When they see it, they know what it says, and their reading confidence grows.

With the ‘Read, Rhyme, Repeat’ books, kids enjoy a simple read with an adorable unique character – they don’t even know they’re learning!

How we do it!

Image of Baby and Professor Owl Text says Take a simple sound - og, ail, ug, at
Picture show frog on lily pad. Text: Add words that rhyme. dog, frog, cog sail, mail, tail mug, bug, jug cat, hat, mat
Photo shows an Og jogging in clogs. Text Find a cute creature. Discover an Og, an AIl and other adorable beings in our books

The Books

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