Image shows five young children all holding books two boys and three girls all smiling broadly.
Banner reads "Read, Rhyme, Repeat" Reading confidence through rhyme.

Why buy our books?

Small girl reads "What's an Og?" book

For young readers who lack confidence in their reading skills.

Rhyming, repitition and FUN work together to make the simple phonic sound used in each book 'sticky' in a child's mind.

When they see it, they know what it says, and their reading confidence grows.


Having to decode every word when a child is just learning can make reading feel like such a chore!

Young girl in orange top pointing out words in a book to an older woman wearing a green top.
An unusual creat, an Og is peeping around a tree to look at a frog. Porf Owl is pointing to them.


With the ‘Read, Rhyme, Repeat’ books, kids enjoy a simple read with an adorable unique character – they don’t even know they’re learning!

How we do it!

Image of Baby and Professor Owl Text says Take a simple sound - og, ail, ug, at
Picture show frog on lily pad. Text: Add words that rhyme. dog, frog, cog sail, mail, tail mug, bug, jug cat, hat, mat
Photo shows an Og jogging in clogs. Text Find a cute creature. Discover an Og, an AIl and other adorable beings in our books

The Books

Two books, 'What's an Og?' and the 'Color the Story' version of the book are on a cream background. Both books have the cartoon Baby Owl reading a book seated on the ground. In the background a strange green creature peer around a tree trunk. Text says"Do you know what an Og actually is? You can find out in this fun rhyming story that helps kids learn to read."
Young girl is lying down on a furry rug with her eyes closed holding a copy of "What's an Og?" close to her chest. She is smiling. She has long brown hair and a teddy bear beside her ear.
Small girl shows book "What's an Ail?"
Image shows the cover of two books "Whats an Ail?" and the "Color The Story" version of the same book. Both books feature a quizzical cartoon Baby Owl looking at a weird creature partially hidden by a bush. text "Now that you know what an Og is... it's time to discover What's an Ail?

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Branching Out

For all new and expectant mothers, we have an exciting development.

We have partnered with author, Sarah Davis, to publish the 2nd edition of her wonderful book, Baby Daze.

Written during those 3 am feeds, Sarah started setting a few thoughts on paper, until realising she had quite the collection of poems which became a book.

Remember those first days of motherhood, when it all felt like a daze? 

'Baby Daze' is a relatable, witty, sentimental and candid glimpse into life with a new born. The poems are short, accessible and easy to read - even for sleep-deprived new mums.

Recommended in ‘Mother & Baby' magazine’s '3 of the Best Funny Books’ feature.