Learning to Rhyme through play

Rhyming words card game: Showing some of the printable sheets available for a, e, i, o, and u vowel CVC words

Rhyming is a key skill when learning to read.  This simple card games helps children to find and pair rhyming sounds.

Using cvc words (cvc = consonant, vowel, consonant) makes it easy for children to read, spell and rhyme!

The 'a' words provide the simplest vowel version of this game because there are 8 of each rhyming sounds, so it is relatively easy to find a rhyming pair.

There are sheets for e, i o and u also. Some of these are slightly more challenging as there are fewer rhyming pairs.


This is a downloadable game.

- Simply print off 2 sets of the cards (preferably on light card) and cut out each card.
- Choose between the gray/grey or colored/coloured versions.
- To help younger children or beginners with learning to rhyme, you can use the color-coded version.

Playing the Rhyming game:

  • Deal out 7 cards to each child. Place the remaining cards face down.
    Each child examines their hand and if they have a rhyming pair, they place them down in front of them face up.
  • If they don't have a rhyming pair, they must take a card from the deck.  The turn passes to the next player
  • Continue until all the cards have been used.
  • The child with most rhyming pairs is the winner!

For even more Rhyming FUN!

Why not download the full set of all 5 vowel versions of this game!