Reading Confidence Through Rhyme


For young kids who lack confidence in their reading skills. Rhyming, repetition and FUN work together to make the ‘OG’ sound sticky in a child’s mind. When they see it, they know what it says, and their reading confidence grows.

Having to decode every word when a child is learning to read, makes reading feel like such a chore.

With the ‘Read, Rhyme, Repeat’ books, kids enjoy a simple read with an adorable unique character – they don’t even know they’re learning!

Small child reading What's an Og?

At Malba Books, we know that you want reading to be enjoyable for your child. In order to do that, you need easy to read books that your child will enjoy, and that will make the letter sounds STICK. The problem is most books are boring, or too advanced, which makes you feel frustrated and stuck for choices.

We believe interesting characters (like an adorable Og or a cute Ail!) combined with easy words, repetition and rhyming will help your young learner not only remember the letter combination and sound it makes, but also enjoy reading! We understand the importance of reading confidence to life long learning which is why we created this series.


Grab this opportunity to get some FREE activities to accompany “What's an Og?”

With the ‘Read, Rhyme, Repeat!' books, kids enjoy a simple read with an adorable unique character - they don't even know they're learning!

Here's how we do it:


What's an Og?

Start with an interesting animal, that will intrigue children


Practice the sound... a LOT

Add in plenty of rhymes and repetition


Rhyming is FUN!

Growing reading confidence through silly rhymes

Order ‘What’s an Og’ now, and while you’re waiting for it to arrive in the mail grab some of the companion activities and introduce your child to Og activities right away!

You can stop worrying about your Childs reading confidence and instead, set them on a path to success today!

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What’s an Og? is now available in multiple formats:

Reading Book: As a paperback, audiobook or downloadable PDF

Coloring/Colouring Book: As a paperback or downloadable PDF